And by a like process the bonds sold by the Real Estate Bank that may have been taken in by the Financial Receiver, are to be exchanged for bonds sold by the State Bank, and these in like manner cancelled And by act approved the 23d December, 1846, the lands were brought within the same rule of exemption by affirmative legislative action in relation to them like that legislative action ip relation to the debts due the Bank, and the Real Estate Bank paper, and the Real Estate State bonds, which we have just considered; and this was required no less to sustain the general purpose for the legislative distribution of the avails of the assets of the Bank, than to prevent their waste in the sacrifice of lands at execution sales, that had so frequently occurred, as we learn from the face of several of the acts of liquidation!

State v. Curran, 7 Ark. 321 (Arkansas, July 1, 1851)

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